Self-Discovery Life Coaching

strong>Don’t miss this opportunity to boost your life into high gear!  Join our group self-discovery life coaching program led by Cathryn E. Lokey, MS/Ed.S, NCC, author of Discovering Self and The Perfect Daughter.  The program is on-going until we work our way through the entire Discovering Self book.

Discovering Self Cover ImageSaturdays at The Family Tree
Beginning April 27th
1:00 – 2:30pm

The purpose of self-discovery life coaching is to help you move quickly and effectively towards your ideal life.  We will focus on the skills of self-inquiry that will help you understand what will be the most fulfilling to you and how to create that in your life.  You will be given assignments during the week and will discuss them in the group the following week.  You will be provided with valuable information about psychology, human nature, and human development.  We will learn to overcome challenges and obstacles in our lives, many of which we create for ourselves.  You will learn to overcome unwanted barriers and patterns in your life that are causing you to be stuck.

Some sessions will be skipped to accommodate other events at The Family Tree.  If you are not able to be there every week, it will not interfere with the benefit of the group coaching.  It would be best, though, if you are able to be there for at least half of the sessions.  There is a suggested donation of $10 per session, but no one will be turned away.  Contribute only what you can.  For more information or to sign up, contact Cathryn at

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About Cathryn E. Lokey, MS/Ed.S, NCC

Cathryn LokeyCathryn E. Lokey MS/Ed.S, NCC has been living and working in Tallahassee for over 12 years. She developed, and currently runs, the school counseling/guidance program at The School of Arts and Sciences, named one of the top eight charter schools in the country by the U.S. Department of Education. She also works as a personal life coach specializing in self-discovery and the development of personal identity. Her publications include Discovering Self, a guided self-inquiry journal designed to help the reader/writer develop the skills of self-inquiry and self-discovery, and The Perfect Daughter, an account of her own process of self discovery and her dramatic transition from her life as a member of the Mormon church to her life as a lesbian. Cathryn holds a master’s degree in counseling and human systems and a specialist degree in education. She is a National Board Certified Counselor and member of the American School Counselor’s Association and the Florida School Counselor’s Association. She is the proud mother of one adopted son. For more information on her current work go to

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